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Onda Premium Complete Skateboards 8.25"

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This is definitely the coolest product we’ve made.


In our experience a lot of beginner skateboarders will buy a cheap complete from Amazon or maybe their local skate shop. Make no mistake, it won’t be long before each and every part of these complete skateboards will need to be replaced. Yes, that means you’ll be needing a new deck, new trucks, new wheels, new bearings and of course new grip tape and bolts.

The reason for this is that most complete skateboards are not made from quality parts and usually cost saving measures are used to try and generate the most profit for the companies.

This is why we’ve decided to make ONDA PREMIUM COMPLETE SKATEBOARDS.

Our Premium Complete Skateboards consist of only the best parts that are made to last.

Not only that, but we’re offering it at a significant discount!

ONDA PREMIUM COMPLETE SKATEBOARDS are made using the following quality parts

  • ONDA DECKS 8.25" – Yes the very same made in USA decks that we sell.
  • ACE AF1 44 Trucks – These are the latest trucks by Ace produced in USA.
  • DGK Street Formula Wheels 53mm – Wider surface, flat side profile and ultra smooth.
  • ONDA ORANGES SKATEBOARD BEARINGS – The zestiest bearings out there.
  • ONDA GRIP – Choose from our range of quality grip tapes.
  • Bolts – Black 1” hex

The quality here is outstanding and the price is simply unmatched.

We can assemble it for you, or you can do it yourself. Leave us a note a checkout and we’ll take care of the rest!

So, whether you’re a beginner and you want to start skateboarding with a quality setup, or you’re already a skater in need of a serious upgrade, grab this deal now!