The 7 Unwritten Rules of Skateboarding

The 7 Unwritten Rules of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is considered a sport without rules. Strictly speaking you can dress how you want, skate how you want and choose not to care what other people think of you. Although these values are admirable there are still some guidelines that are worth following.

We’re going to discuss some of these guidelines but don’t worry these won’t be the standard “rules” like don’t carry your board using the “mall grab” and don’t cut people up in the park. Instead, we will discuss the unwritten rules that you probably won’t have heard before but are very important. Most of these can be considered common sense.  


Here are the 7 unwritten rules of skateboarding:

Rule #1 – Don’t be a dickhead.

Now this should be obvious to most people but regrettably this doesn’t seem so. It’s quite simple really. Like it says in the Bible, the Quaran, Harry Potter and all other scripture, treat others the same way you want to be treated. Skaters are quite chilled out so do not come to the park all leary and get angry when you don’t land your tricks. No one’s going to be impressed if you throw a temper tantrum, smash your deck on the ground and start swearing. For real yeah, try to calm it. If you chuck your deck and it accidently hits someone you’re gonna have a lot of explaining to do.

Equally important; don’t make fun of anyone else’s skating style; it’s just not cool. Rodney Mullen skated his own way and at the end of the day he’s basically the god-father of street skating. Be like Rodney!

Rule #2 - Don’t litter.

This one is just basic good manners. Skateparks are public spaces and although the council might pay for people to clean the parks every so often and empty the bins, they shouldn’t have to go around picking up your rubbish just because you were too lazy to stick it in the bin. Not only is litter disgusting but worse than that you might cause someone to have an accident.

We are all environmentalists here and the skatepark is our environment, our own ecosystem. This is our skatepark so please people, try to keep it clean yeah.


Rule #3 – Don't steal.

I can’t believe I need to even mention this but don’t steal other people's shit. If you do, and you get caught, expect to get the shit kicked out of you. Equally important if you are new at a skate spot don’t leave your valuables lying around.

Skaters are good honest people but don’t take the piss, you’ll just be asking for trouble.

Rule #4 – Help each other out.

If there is anything that makes the skate community awesome it’s the fact that it is a community. Look out for each other and try and help each other when necessary. If someone takes a slam, go over and make sure they’re alright. Also, if someone lands a sick trick then tap your board in applause. Keep that positive energy flowing because it’s this good vibe that helps skaters progress.

If you fall, and you’re not dead, try to get out of the way as quick as possible. You don’t want to interrupt other skaters unless you’re really hurt in which case best not move until the ambulance gets there.  


Rule #5 – Wait your turn.

Skateparks tend to get terribly busy sometimes, especially when the weather's good. If the park is busy then be polite and wait your turn. If a skater is in your way do not be afraid to give them a polite shout to move. If you are a beginner keep an eye out for who’s next. Over time this will become natural.

Also don’t get mad if you get skipped. At the end of the day the better skaters are gonna take up more of the park as they understand the flow of the features and know how to combine lines. They might jump in front of you if you’re only sticking to one area or performing one trick. Don’t get intimidated, just accept it and do your best to progress. Soon you’ll be one of the good skaters.

A good idea is to hit the parks in the mornings. Even the best skaters are super lazy and don’t rock up until the afternoon. Arrive early and I promise you’ll have the whole place to yourself.

Rule #6 – Take to the streets.

If you really want to progress your skating then you’re gonna want to skate street. It’s much more liberating than skating the smooth concrete of the park and the rougher concrete, cracks and stones add for a little more flavour. Everyone knows that street video segments are way sicker than park segments.

Skating street allows you to explore your local area and find new skate spots. You’ll get a real opportunity to flex your skills and show off your tricks to the public. Just don't crash into anyone. 

Keep a weary eye out for Karen. No doubt she’ll show up at some point and cause trouble. Do yourselves a favour and try to keep it civil, and if she’s in the right then move on to another spot, (sneak back later).

However, if she goes psycho-batshit-crazy then film that shit and stick it on TikTok or YouTube. You can even monetise it and if it goes viral then kachingggggg!


Rule #7 – Enjoy yourself.

The whole point of skating is to have fun right? Make sure you’re enjoying your time skating because trust when I say this from experience, soon you’ll be a lot older and have more responsibilities and you won’t be able to skate all the time. You’ll find that you get a lot sorer and it takes longer for bruises, scrapes and muscle strains to heal, so make the most of the time you have right now. If not now, when?

Skateboarding will deeply enrich your life so it is worth sticking at it. Keep practicing, trying new things and having fun. Follow these rules and you will be a great skater.

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