17 Signs you’re still a skater at heart regardless of how old you’ve become

17 Signs you’re still a skater at heart regardless of how old you’ve become

Being a skateboarder resembles being part of a underground society. There's a certain language, attitude and also culture that skaters all know as well as adhere to. When you run into another skater, you instantaneously have an otherworldly connection. It's a difficult lifestyle to simply give up, and some would certainly argue it never ever truly leaves you.

If you were once a skater, you'll recognize specifically what we're speaking about.

Here’s a list of 17 proofs that you still consider yourself to be a skater.

1. You have a problem with authority figures and still get edgy when around the police.

When the 5-0 pass by, you keep them in your peripheral vision in case you need to cut fast.

2. You appreciate that police officers and also security guards have a job to do, but you still think they’re a bunch of wankers.

Excitable vigilante residents, don’t have that excuse. We mean you Karen!.

3. You can see a set of stairs and intuitively know how many steps there are and whether you could send it.

4. Every now and then you Google "Bam Margera" "Tony Hawk", "Rodney Mullen" or "Eric Koston" to see what they’re saying.

5. You get sucked down the YouTube rabbit hole way too often watching skate videos aaaaaaaaaaaand five hours is gone.

6. Your ears are finely attuned to the “snap” sound of an ollie. You can hear it from a mile away.

7. It’s kinda a dumb game and it’s nothing like skating but you still love Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

8. You still take a look at Amazon, Argos and Sports Direct skateboards just to see if they’re still a load of crap. They still are.

9. You still have to resist the urge to shout “LAAAAAAAME” when you see a scooter.

10. California seems like a dream land and you’d move there in a heartbeat were it not for your adult obligations.

11. Regardless of who’s up and coming these days nobody skates like Rodney Mullen

12. Small stones still irk you and you make an effort to clear the path of these treacherous objects whenever you spot them.

13. Gonna skip this one because 13 is an unlucky number.

14. You know that words "Nollie Varial Heelflip" are not gibberish. As a matter of fact, you can land one.

15. The kids these days skate much better than you ever did.

16. You love getting stickers.

17. You get frustrated when it rains. 

Not much more to say here folks but if any of these resonate with you then you’re more than likely still a skater. God bless you and god help you!

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