12 Habits that will make you good at skateboarding

12 Habits that will make you good at skateboarding

Skateboarding is good for you. We all know this, but it takes a lot of practice to get remotely good at. There are certain habits that you can pick up that will help speed up your progression and if you follow these, I promise you will be amazing at skateboarding in no time.

These are 12 habits that will help you improve your skateboarding and make you into a great skater.

Habit #1 – Learn how to stop properly.

You could of course just jump off the board but that’s not stylish now is it. You’re much better off learning to put your back foot down in order to slow down and stop. The other way you could do this is by popping your tail, but you risk giving your deck razor tail which will cause it to chip though admittedly it does look cool. Even cooler than that, learn to power slide. If the ground is smooth (or wet enough) then this is a skill you need to get down. You’re going to need some hard wheels for that trick to work though.

Habit #2 – Learn how to do tricks rolling.

To begin with we recommend you start learning tricks stationary but as soon as you start to get confident you need to learn how to do the trick rolling. When you’re rolling, your tricks need to be more precise and there’s less room for error. Keep practicing like this and your tricks will begin to look much cleaner and you’ll know how much you’ve improved.

Habit #3 – Learn to skate in different stances.

Whether you skate goofy or regular, make sure you practice skating in different stances. The other stances you need to master are fakie, switch and nollie. Get these down and you’ll earn some style points as most skaters can’t do this. You’ll stand out from the crowd and you will slay when playing skate.


Habit #4 – Skate fast.

Now it might be scary but you need to master the need for speed. Skating faster will force you to really clean up your tricks and will help develop your muscle memory. Also, when you fall all your momentum will throw you forward instead of down. While you might get more grazes and scrapes you’ll hopefully avoid anything more serious than that. Speed is your friend (not the narcotic, please people).

Habit #5 – Loosen the fuck up.

If you want to look good when you skate, you need to find a way to stay loose. If you’re skating all stiff and rigid then your centre of gravity will be off and you’ll find it hard to stay balanced. Skating with steeze requires a certain rhythm as you’re wheels roll over the ground so try to lose yourself to the beat and stay loose out there.

Habit #6 – Foot position.

Keeping your feet in the right place is super important. Keep your front foot somewhere near the bolts and your back foot over the tail. Try to ride more on your toes then on the flats of your feet as that gives you more pop and control when performing tricks. Also, if you hit cracks or stones and your foot positioning is on point you should be able to avoid having a nasty slam. Work on your foot positioning and you will find you have more balance and better manoeuvrability.


Habit #7 – Keep repeating your tricks.

When you’ve learned a trick don’t forget to keep practicing. Keep at it until you can do 3 – 5 of them in a row and then you can move on. Until then you have not truly mastered the trick. The goal here is to be able to do these tricks on demand, any time, anywhere. You want to be ready for when Eric Koston drives past and yells “do a kickflip!” at you.

Habit #8 – Always practice something new.

The aim of the game is progression so make sure you’re always trying to learn something new. Whether it’s a new flip trick or perhaps something old-school you need to keep setting new goals for yourself. Some skaters are so focused on learning one trick that they forget to focus on all the other tricks that are out there. Not only does this further your progression but it also makes your sessions more fun. This is especially true when you’re not skating your best, as at least you can feel like you’ve improved in some other area.

Habit #9 – Don’t be afraid to fall.

It’s going to happen so embrace it. In fact if you’re not falling then you’re probably not trying hard enough (or you are superman).  All the failures will eventually result in success so be ready to fall and learn how to do it safely. Everyone who skates gets kinda hurt and that’s just part of the game. We all accept this so don’t let falling put you off. When it happens just get right back up and carry on. Unless your dead in which case…

F meme

Habit #10 – Skate everyday

It can be difficult to keep this up but please try and skate everyday even if it’s for a short time. If you need to pop to the shops, consider skating instead and when you’re out and about bring your skateboard with you so that you can skate anytime. Skate or die folks!

Habit #11 – Skate with other skaters.

We go on a lot about how much we love and appreciate our skate community because it is the sickest skate scene in the world. Get social and involve yourself. Skating with others is much more fun and it will help you build connections, friendships and experiences that will carry you for life. Don’t be shy, skaters are cool and non-judgemental. Be part of the community and the community will become part of you.

Habit #12 – Look after your skateboard.

Take care of your gear. Skating in the rain is a big NO and consider cleaning your board, grip tape, bearings, and bushings occasionally. It does not take long, and it will increase the longevity of your gear and help save you money.


So, there you have it folks. 12 habits that will make you into a great skater. Do not give up whatever you do, just keep on keeping on and you will be rewarded.


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