Introduction to the London Skate Scene

London is not typically recognised as a skater’s haven. The roads are pretty clogged with traffic (when there is no COVID lockdown and even when there is) and the terrain pretty rough. In addition, the weather here isn’t always great, in fact, often it’s quite terrible.

You probably won’t hear about skaters traveling from over the world to come and experience the London skate scene and I think that’s a bit of a shame because in true British fashion, the London skate scene punches well above its weight.

London Skate Scene - Southbank Skatepark

London is home to a large and committed community of skaters. Skaters here come from all different ethnicities, nationalities, backgrounds, and ages. What makes us so special is that there is zero toxicity in this community. Everyone recognises that beginners need to suck at the beginning before they get good and no one judges anyone.

This is unfortunately not true of other places in the world where skater localism scares beginner skaters away from the parks. In London beginners are welcome in skateparks and you will often find better skaters helping and teaching people new tricks.

The only hate you will find in London skateparks is directed at kids on scooters which they deserve. Seriously parents, please take your kids somewhere else; they’re a danger to us and to themselves.

Over the years London has developed a very distinct skate scene with a unique fashion as well. Like all things in life the scene is growing and evolving so we’re just happy to be along for the ride.

London Skate Scene

So welcome to the London Skate Scene!

Here we will be talking about the best skate shops in London, a profile of every skatepark, up and coming events, and London skaters.

For the skateparks our plan is to visit every skatepark in London. We will be throwing down some tricks, taking some photos and videos and chatting with the local riders. This is quite the undertaking so we expect it will take us several months to visit all these spots.

We want to get as many people involved as possible in this project so if you have an idea for us, we would love to hear it!


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